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Become an Agent of Future Compoistes Co., Ltd?

We are constantly looking to find new agents. This provides excellent business opportunity for people who are looking to expand their business in carbon fiber composites,  PMI foam or custom design parts who desire to find a reliable source. We offer a very attractive profit sharing program along with excellent marketing tools to our agents. We welcome agents all over the world. 

       We provide our agents with best price and offer tenology support. In addition, our agents set the prices for our services themselves, depending on the local prices of the regions they operate in, if we meet their local customers, we will introduce to them. 

       In order to become our agent, you need to provide information of your company and some market research. Which is used to confirm the seriousness of our long term partnership. Besides, we will offer special support, like faster delivery time, fast sample order preparing and rebate incentives in the end of a year.  


We will always be glad to welcome you to us.

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