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Nima uchun uglerod tolasi juda qimmat, superkar va poyga olamidagi eng sevimli material?

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        If you have followed the news of sports cars, you should be familiar with the word carbon fiber, because super sports cars and racing sports like to use carbon fiber as the material of the body. It is almost the darling of super sports. As long as it is related to it, it must be It's a very high end model. In other fields, carbon fiber is also used, so do you know what material carbon fiber is and why is it so popular?


         The "darling" of supercar manufacturing materials, carbon fiber has a lot of advantages, but there is only one disadvantage that makes it difficult to popularize

In everyone's impression, carbon fiber seems to be a relatively modern material. In fact, it has been around for a long time. It has been used in cars as early as the 1950s, and it was first used in a Chevrolet model. The carbon content of this material is very high, which can reach more than 95%, and it is fibrous, so it is called carbon fiber.

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         Carbon fiber is favored by sports cars because of its numerous advantages. For example, it is very light, and compared to the same metal material, its weight is much lower. In addition, supercars and racing cars pursue the ultimate performance. In order to reduce the quality, it can be said that everything is done. Therefore, on the basis of ensuring the strength, reducing the dead weight has become a problem for engineers to explore. For example, in the early days, steel structures were used, and then aluminum-titanium alloys were invented, and then carbon fibers were developed. The weight can reach about one-third of the previous ones, and the performance of the car has been greatly improved with the continuous weight reduction.

          Although carbon fiber sounds brittle, in fact, its strength is very high. Compared with materials of the same quality, its strength is several times higher, so on the basis of ensuring light weight, after a collision, it can also maximize to protect the safety of occupants in the cabin. Especially in sports cars, the use of this material is even more valuable. Moreover, carbon fiber is not a metal, it is hardly corroded, and it will not change for many years, so it is much better than metal materials, and it is also resistant to high temperature and low temperature, and has a very long service life, which can improve the extreme performance of the car, It can also be used normally under extreme conditions.

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          Although carbon fiber has so many advantages, it is not perfect and also has some great disadvantages. For example, carbon fiber is a material with very poor plasticity. It has no elasticity and ductility. Unlike metal, it can be repaired after a collision. The carbon fiber collided, and the cracks had to be replaced as a whole. This is why the maintenance cost after the supercar collision is very high. Because the damage is a little bit, the entire shell must be replaced.

         This explains why carbon fiber is not used in ordinary cars since it is so good. The main reason is that carbon fiber is difficult to produce and expensive, and ordinary cars are not suitable at all. However, after the carbon fiber technology is upgraded in the future, maybe we ordinary people can also use it.

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